Saturday, August 8, 2015

Where have I been? Has this become one of those multitudinous "abandoned" blogs?   No. I've just been busy. Busy like getting-paid-to-work busy, as opposed to just writing in hopes of getting paid, which is, let's face it, what this blog is all about. I post, I hope people read what I post, with the end result that it whets people's appetites to read more of what I write and maybe, some fine day, you know, pay me. Just a little. To read something that I write. 

(Yes, I do have the plays I've written. I'm not counting those. You're not actually READING the plays, you are watching someone RECITE what is written. Technically not the same thing. Don't misunderstand, I am delighted that my plays have been successful, and continue to become more successful with each successive staging. I simply tend to delineate between things I write for the stage and things I write for the reading. There's play writing and there's writing-writing. Got that?)

Anyway, I actually landed a gig wherein I AM getting paid to write. Not a one-off, like getting a story published kind of deal, but REGULAR work. And I'm not having to whore myself out, either, as F. Scott Fitzgerald called it. I get to write what I want to write. I get to CREATE. And I get to collect a regular paycheck. THAT is why I haven't been posting much as of late. I'm actually WORKING. 

As for you, loyal peeps, it doesn't affect you at all. You still get to read as much of me as you want, and it doesn't cost you a shilling. You just won't find the words here nearly as often. I'm moving on up, like George Jefferson did. But I invite you all to follow me.

Traipse on over to, a super spiffy website focusing on all things Horror related, to find yours truly; and its sister sites,, and I'll be contributing to all five sites regularly. Look for my name at the bottom of the articles. And I'll swing by here every once in a while, just to dust the place, tidy things up. So whether here or whether there, I thank you for your support and wish you continued happy reading. 

Peace be the journey!