Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Quickie

Just a few quick words to let you all know I haven’t forgotten you. This holiday season has been crazy busy. We just finished up our annual Christmas fundraiser at the Lowry House AND a play I directed and in which my lovely wife starred. (It’s not one of MY plays, though, just a side project. Actually I took it on as a favor to a friend. Anyway, it’s a well known and popular Christmas play and doesn’t need any additional publicity, so I shan’t name it here.) Add to that the fact that we’ve had a long stretch of gloomy, wet weather that’s causing my seasonal depression to kick in big time, slowing my natural pace-of-life to a snail’s crawl and reducing my bio-energies to almost zilch, and it’s been even more hectic than it otherwise would have been, leaving precious little time for blogging or anything else, save sleeping or moping. Feeling very Charlie Brown this year (“I know I’m supposed to feel happy…”) with a little bit of old Ebenezer thrown in for good measure.

Even so, Christmas will come to Whoville all the same. May my heart that feels shriveled to three sizes too small right now grow exponentially. Actually, let that be my Christmas wish for you all, as well. May we all feel a little more like the post-enlightenment Grinch than the “before” version.

Safe and happy holidays to you all. See you bright and early next year—and what a busy year it is going to be!