Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're off!

Okay. It's up. It's running. It's, urm, got a little ways to go. But all great journeys begin with a single step, right, grasshoppers? I have no doubts it will prove to be everything I want it to be. My website, www.evilcheezproductions.com is (almost) ready for the world! Are you excited? I'm excited. 

So who am I? Check out my profile for the answer to that. And in my next post, I'll tell you more about myself. A lot more. Maybe more than you wanted to know. But as an act of faith I'll publish it anyway, because I hope some of you, at least, will actually want to know. 

What is Evil Cheez Productions? It's, um, okay. We're a theatrical troupe, a repertory company. We stage dramatic productions in front of an audience. For money, usually, but not always. We're actors, singers (not me, but some of my peeps are), FX techs, makeup techs, lighting techs, etc. and etc. All the stuff you'd expect from a theatre company. But Evil Cheez is more than that. It's ME, too. All my work. I'm a writer; in addition to being a playwright I have penned a novel or two, a ream of short stories. Stuff like that. 

Why "Evil Cheez?" Because those are the two charges, historically, that have been leveled against my work. It's evil or it's cheesy. I say pshaw! It is both evil and cheesy, thank you very much!

No, I'm not really evil. But I do love the Horror genre. A lot of my work falls under that particular drippy umbrella. And if you are a fan of Horror movies, or work in Horror fiction, and you've ever tried to explain to a non-Horror person the attraction it holds for you, then you are probably familiar with that look. The one that says, "What is wrong with you?!" I also love Crime Drama, another genre that repulses some people and frequently earns you that look. Horror and Crime Drama aren't all I do, mind you. I've done a children's play. I've done family musicals. I'm told I do comedy very well. But I have a soft spot for the scary stuff, and that has, a few times, gotten me castigated by more prurient sensibilities.

(As for cheesy, I claim that with pride. It's perfectly okay to be cheesy, if you are trying to achieve cheesehood. I have a real and genuine love for cheesy old monster and Sci-fi movies--more on that in my next post. I have found much humor and joy in the Limburger, and I on occasion like to shamelessly spread it around.That doesn't mean I can't gravitate towards gravitas when I want to. I can get as gravitastic as anybody. See the preceding paragraph for more information.)

Alright. I guess that'll do for an initial post. Don't wanna drop a ton on you right out of the gates. I'll post more soon, promise. Until then., check out evilcheezproductions.com. There's some good stuff over there. Or there will be, when I get it uploaded. Patience, grasshoppers. Cool things come to those who wait.