Friday, June 2, 2017

I suppose I'm a bad blog owner. I neglect this site, don't I? It's just that I do so much writing for other sites already. I have articles featured on,,,, and (If you aren't following me on these sites, please start. I'd hate to think I've been talking to myself all this time.) 

Then there's the Facebook page. (
I do almost all my online publicizing there. I have a twitter profile, too, but I seldom remember to do any tweeting. If I'm honest I like Facebook a whole lot more than I like Twitter. It's easier and, I think, more effective. I have to maintain Twitter profiles for the and sites (@werewolvescom and @vampires, respectively, if you wanna drop by and say hi), but I don't do much with the Evil Cheez site. I need to remedy that.I doubt I will, but I need to.

I DO have things to publicize, though.

Evil Cheez Productions will be teaming up with Theater Huntsville and The Historic Lowry House to host a regional Play-writing Contest! ( It's quite an honor that they asked us to participate, and it's great to be encouraging young, aspiring playwrights in the area. 

I also have a book coming out. THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT CHRISTOPHER: WEREWOLF will be available soon! Like, really soon! Like, days from now soon! 

You see, then, I'm kinda all over the place online. That's why I don't often feel the need to "blog" anymore. I mean, why write stuff for free when I can write for profit? Mercenary mentality? A shameless shill? Sure. But I do view this as a JOB, a CAREER. I have to be business-minded about it. And it's not like it costs you all anything to read my work on those aforementioned sites. It's all free entertainment for you. 

Unless you choose to buy the book when it comes out (Please, please do!), but even then I'm planning to offer it for a low cover price. Or if you choose to attend an Evil Cheez show (We love our audiences! We REALLY love our faithful followers, the Evil Cheez Army!) But tickets to an ECP show are the cheapest in town. Not because we aren't good enough to charge more; we are. We really are. But because we like to be "the best entertainment value in town!" 

SO. PLEASE visit,,,, and It's free, educational, and edifying! And there's new content available just about every day!

PLEASE buy THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT CHRISTOPHER when it debuts! It's gonna be cheap and it's gonna be well worth your money!

And PLEASE support Evil Cheez by coming out to see our shows! The next one is in August, and it's a sequel to the wildly popular murder mystery BEWARE THE ROOK! This one is appropriately titled THE RETURN OF THE ROOK. It will be performed at The Historic Lowry House--which just got a new paint job and is looking super spiffy! (And yes, it's still haunted. because everybody always asks that.) 

See you in the funny pages, and hopefully in the audience!